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Knowledge in the Disciplines

In English‐language arts, the Standards require certain critical content for all students, including: classic myths and stories from around the world, America’s Founding Documents, foundational American literature, and Shakespeare. Appropriately, the remaining crucial decisions about what content should be taught are left to state and local determination. In addition to content coverage, the Standards require that students systematically acquire knowledge in literature and other disciplines through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

A conscious effort to embed content area literacy into the Standards is needed to ensure that literacy instruction is shared across the disciplines and is not the sole responsibility of the ELA teacher. Students are expected to read and write with competency within specific disciplines and content teachers are expected to provide these experiences with equal rigor ( i.e., provide models of quality reading and writing examples specific to a domain; examine structures inherent to domain specific reading and writing tasks; provide multiple opportunities for practicing domain specific reading and writing tasks). Teachers should engage in collaborative efforts to find common ground in supporting literacy instruction school-wide (i.e., developing a common writing rubric from which all students and teachers would gauge progress).

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