About Me

The modern-day woman has come a long way from women during the time of our forefathers. Nowadays, it is all about women empowerment, where we get to think and choose what we think is best for us including keeping healthy and fit.

My name is Theresa Engelhardt and I want to welcome you to by blog Defining The Core!

Why “Defining The Core”?

I believe that a healthy mind and a sound body is the “core” to a more empowered woman, which is why I chose this title for my blog.

Why did I create this blog?

I decided to create this blog in an attempt to provide women with a website where they can keep updated with all health and fitness related topics that they can benefit from without having to go to an assortment of websites. At Defining The Core, you need only to bookmark one website in your browser.

I’ll be honest with you that I wasn’t always concerned about how healthy and fit my body is. Since I was quite busy doing other stuff, I overlooked the fact that I also needed to put good stuff inside my body.

I would often start my day with just a cup of coffee then a burger and fries with soda for the main meal. Let’s not forget the occasional box of take-out pizza. Anything that is ready-to-eat and convenient as long as I get to feed my hungry body should work right? Wrong!

I soon began experiencing migraines at least twice a week. A visit to the family doctor was all it took for me to wake up to the reality that my condition was due to the type of food I keep digesting.

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