High Protein Diet – The Potential Dangers

We’ve all had our fair share of trying on a diet fad that we hope (and pray) is the answer to our never-ending quest of losing unwanted weight. One of the most popular would be the different types of high protein diets that have and are still popular among weight watchers.

If you are planning to go on a high protein diet, I’d recommend reading on to know the potential dangers that you might encounter.

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Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath is one side effect of a high protein diet with limited intake of carbohydrates. The high protein diet with cause the body to undergo metabolic changes that affect the normal chemicals that your body produces.

No amount of flossing, brushing or gargling with a mouthwash can get rid of the bad smell. If you persist on your high protein diet, your best option to combat halitosis would be increase water intake and chew breath mints or gums to reduce the bad smell.

Gaining Weight

Yes, you would initially lose weight when you go on a high protein diet but take note that this is only temporary. The excess protein in your body due to the high protein diet will be converted into fats that causes weight gain.

High Risk for Kidney Damage

Proteins are made up of amino acids that contain nitrogen. People who eat too much protein are more at risk of getting their kidneys damaged since the kidneys will need to work extra hard to remove the excess protein metabolism waste products and nitrogen.

High Risk for Cancer

Studies have proven that high meat-based protein consumption is associated with prostate, colon, and breast cancers due to carcinogenic compounds, fats, and hormones that are found in meat.

High Risk for Heart Disease

The cholesterol and saturated fat content in foods required for high-protein diet can increase the risk for heart disease. Studies have shown that women eating high amounts of full fat dairy and red meat are more at risk for coronary heart diseases.

If you are still looking forward to trying a high-protein diet, I would highly recommend that you first consult your doctor for proper guidance. Personally, nothing beats eating healthy and exercising daily.

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